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P3 S2

REF : P3 S2

P3 S2

P3 Series 2 deliver natural sounding audio performance and exceptional clarity.
All from a light, foldable headphone designed to fit easily into your life.

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P3 S2
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The story of Bowers & Wilkins begins with the vision of a man: John Bowers.
He was convinced that the perfect loudspeaker would not add or remove anything to the music, and instead reveal the authentic sound of the original performance, preserving every detail and nuance.

For 50 years, the English brand designs and manufactures high fidelity speakers. Very quickly, thanks to its success and the different demands, the range of products has expanded and conquered new markets. Bowers & Wilkins products can be found in recording studios, music lovers, hotels, restaurants, private movie theaters, on the street and even in sports and luxury vehicles. .

More than just the best of sound in the connected era, Bowers & Wilkins is creating designer items in its own right. Benefiting from the latest technologies and the know-how of the brand, Bowers & Wilkins now has a full range of wireless speakers and headsets. Now you can take with you the best of your music thanks to the Bowers & Wilkins mobile HiFi quality.

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